What I offer

Right now I'm offering wedding photography but full wedding videos will be available soon. There is a small add on available to my photography packages where I also make a video of your wedding ceremony. 

When you are booking me you are getting a 100% dedicated photographer and also the following services:

  • High reliability, I have never cancelled a wedding.
  • Only uses professional grade equipment that works well for the very difficult lighting conditions during weddings.
  • Brings extra equipment for all weddings and I can switch immediately if any equipment fails during your wedding. 
  • Photos are backed up during your wedding and I have a professional backup plan in place for all wedding photos immediately when I come home.
  • Liability insurance.

More about information about how I work see here


All packages contains

  • An amount of electronic images in high resolution which you can print freely.
  • You can select the photos yourself using my online proofing system on my website or I can select the photos for you.
  • Online private gallery that you can share with friends and family.
  • Option to buy additional photos later. I save all extra photos for at the least 1 year.
  • Photos delivered within 1-14 days after you select them depending on current workload. Usually photos are delivered within 1-3 days.

Pricing & Packages

Package 1

Basic package but very good if you just want the ceremony covered and a few photos from a few beautiful locations outside.

1 uninterrupted hour of photography
2 hours of handling, sorting, editing your photos.

40 photos


Package 2

Recommended package if your wedding is in a special venue, bringing guests/children or want to visit special locations for photos.

2 uninterrupted hours of photography.
4 hours of handling, sorting and editing your photos.

90 photos.


Package 3

Recommended for larger wedding parties with guests and where many events are taking place.

3 uninterrupted hours of photography.
6 hours of handling, sorting, editing your photos.

150 photos


Package 4

Larger weddings where more coverage is needed.

4 uninterrupted hours of photography.
8 hours of photo editing and handling.

220 photos


Full day weddings and custom packages

If you need a custom package then contact me for more information.

Other services

Extra photos

To ensure the best quality of all photos delivered, only edited photos are available.

1 photo: 8€

20 photos: 140€

40 photos: 240€

When ordering less than 5 photos an extra fee, to cover my bank charges, of 3€ will be added.


Black & White conversion beside the color version

Price: 8€ each (includes 25% sales tax)



Storyboards, collages, Facebook covers and more

See examples in my blog.

Prices depends on complexity and time needed. 

Price: 50€ and up. (includes 25% sales tax)




The following is considered retouching and is not included in the above mentioned packages: 

Fixing problems around eyes and skin, visible bra straps, shaping of arms/legs/hips and similar, removal of tattoos/birthmarks/marks and similar. Replacing the sky or other elements, inserting elements. Any type of compositing and panoramas

If you want photos retouched then I will make a quote for you based on the number of photos and the requested changes to be made.


Price: 120€ per hour (includes 25% sales tax)



Raw files 

You can buy the digital negatives (raw, .cr2) file for any photo where you have already bought the finished edited version. The raw files are delivered 2 weeks after the edited photos.

Be aware that raw files are very difficult to edit and it might take a very long time and I strongly recommend that you simply enjoy my finished edited versions instead.


Price: 40€ each (includes 25% sales tax)



Rush fee

For any work besides fotosessions that must be done urgently outside of normal working hours(Tuesday-Friday 8:00-17:00) a rush fee applies and must be paid upfront.


From: 130€ (includes 25% sales tax)


Contact me here for more information and booking.

"Dear brides and grooms, wedding photography is a gift you to yourself - be generous"