Here you will find testimonials and reviews about my services in Ærø Wedding Photography from previous wedding couples.

K & A, 23rd October 2020 on Ærø

Hello Jens,

Thank you very much for the very nice photos, we like them a lot!

You did a very amazing job and it was good meeting you there, we had a lot of fun on our wedding. Thank you also for the opportunity to order photos later. 

Best regards,

A und K

S & H, 20th October 2020 on Ærø

Hi Jens, you really did choose the best picture and you got a good story around it on Facebook. We laughed a lot right now because it just described everything so well. 

Thank you again for the day and the photos.

As it is now if we had decided to get married next week. That wouldn't be possible at all. As Denmark has closed it's borders for Germany. So we were really lucky.

Have a good autumn and a lot of new married people to photograph

S and H

B & P, 16th October 2020 on Ærø

Getting married in Aero? Jens is your best option for your photography needs. Superb customer service and the quality of work is simply amazing. His website is self-explanatory, but which bride doesn’t want more than info online? =)  

From the moment we sent the first communication asking for details he was quick to respond and provide answers to all our questions. He explained the mechanics of the session, made suggestions on the best ways to capture our memories.

On the day of the ceremony showed up with ample time before the start to take candid pics.

During and after the ceremony he took plenty of shots, took us to cute streets and places which made the pictures very special.

He was quick to provide access for us to check and pick our favorites (this was hard work, way too many nice shots). Once we decided which photos we wanted, he was quick to provide the full color gallery.

Thanks Jens for capturing so many beautiful moments around Aero in our special day.  


A & F, 25th September 2020 on Ærø

Lovely photos!!! Capturaste momentos muy especiales de este dia. Muchisimas gracias Jens!

E & R, 24th September 2020 on Ærø

Hi Jens

Thank you so much for taking care of us, for being a part of our day and giving us these memories that we can show our parents and children.

We wish you all the best as well!


A & N, 22nd September 2020 on Ærø

These are beautiful. Thank you so much again for being kind and patient. I’m really glad we found you.

M & K, 22nd September 2020 on Ærø

Hi Jens,

You have made us very happy delivering these so quickly! I am sure our parents are going to be very happy to have them and we are very happy with them you’ve done an amazing job.

Thank you so much for an incredible day! We will contact you if we want any more pictures :)

Take care

S & W, 19th September 2020 on Ærø

Hi Jens, thank you so much for the great pictures 😍 We love them! 

We would definitely recommend you to our friends who maybe also will get married in Denmark ☺️

L & B, 12th September 2020 on Ærø

Lieber Jens,

uns ist gerade aufgefallen, dass unsere Antwort offenbar nicht raus gegangen ist.

Vielen Dank für die super Bilder! Wir haben sie natürlich schon mit Freunden, Verwandten und Eltern geteilt und alle sind hellauf begeistert!

Vielen Dank für die Fotos und die gute gemeinsame Zeit.

Beste Grüße

B & L

L & A, 11th September 2020 on Ærø

Hi Jens!

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos! We will have a lot of great memories..

Was really a pleasure to meet you.

Have a great time,

L & A :)

A & G, 9th September 2020 on Ærø

Die Fotos sind super 👍

Danke dir auch nochmal

A & A, 5th September 2020 on Ærø

They are truly amazing! Thank you so much for your hard work!

Wish you all the best!

Kind Regards,

A & A

I & E, 4th September 2020 on Ærø

Dear Jens,

Thank you for your work on Friday - we were super happy with how you handled things and everyone loved your friendly personality.

Thanks again for helping to make that day special! :)

Talk to you soon,

M (sister of the bride)

U & S, 29th August 2020 on Ærø

Hi Jens,

die Fotos sind sehr schön.

Wir werden immer an diesen Tag und tolle Shooting mit Dir denken, wenn wir sie ansehen.

Vielen Dank nochmal.

Herzlichen Gruß

S & U

M & E, 28th august 2020 on Ærø

Hi Jens,

great work! We really love the pictures! They are awesome! Thank you really much! We really appreciate it!

We wish you all the best, too! Take care!

Best Regards,

M and E

J & F, 21st august 2020 on Ærø

Hello Jens. Hope you are fine.

Thank you for the pictures. They are really great.

Regards from Croatia

J & F

J & C, 15th august 2020 on Ærø

Herzlichen Dank lieber Jens.

Die Bilder sind ganz wunderbar. Hier in Berlin ist der Sommer auch fast vorbei. Aber es ist immer noch schön.

Besten Dank für alles.

Liebe Grüße J und C

E & M, 6th July 2017 on Ærø

Hi Jens,

Sorry for not contacting you for a while, it has been quite hectic because of the visa for me. We are doing great, cherishing those unique moments you have captured for us ;)) i love the photos, they are adorable. And you are more than welcome to use them for the website or to show other couples;)) we wish you an amazing rest of the season with lovely and cheerful couples.

Best regards

C & G, 1st February 2019 on Ærø

Hi Jens, many thanks once again for taking such lovely photos at our wedding on Aeroe. We were really happy that you were able to capture these magical moments!

C & G

F & S, 30th November 2018 on Ærø

Dear Jens

Just wanted to say a very big thank you for shooting our wedding today and for braving the cold with us.

We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed your company.

Thank you again

S & F

K & T, 27th November 2018 on Ærø

Wir haben Jens für unsere Hochzeit gebucht. Er war sehr Zeitnah bereit für uns und war schon vor dem Termin pünktlich im Standesamt. Die Kommunikation lief hervorragend. Gleichzeitig hat er uns sozusagen als Hochzeitsführer durch die Hochzeit geleitet. Immer einen scherz auf den Lippen bringt er einen im richtigen Moment natürlich zum lachen kümmert sich selbstverständlich darum dass alles richtig sitzt und führt mit einem Durch die Insel. Somit werden nichtnur die Fotos schön sondern auch das FotoPosing macht einfach spass und sorgt daführ dass man die Hochzeit genießt! Die Orte sieht man ja auf seinen Bildern im Netz. Wir sind mit den Bildern sehr glücklich und haben nichts auszusetzen!

We booked Jens for our wedding. He was very promptly ready for us and was already punctual before the date in the registry office. The communication was excellent. At the same time he guided us through the wedding as a wedding guide, so to speak. Always a joke on his lips he makes you laugh at the right moment, takes care that everything sits right and leads you through the island. Thus, not only the photos are beautiful but also the photo posing is simply fun and ensures that you enjoy the wedding! You can see the places on his pictures in the net. We are very happy with the pictures and have nothing to complain about!

G & M, 20th October 2018 on Ærø

Dear Jens,

Thank you for the pics and its links.

Im very happy about the results and I look forward to have them printed so I can enjoy them any time.

It was great to work with you and I wish you all the best in your business.

Thanks for your good wishes too!

Best regards,

Y & T, 7th November on Ærø

Hey Jens,

Thank you so much for these beautiful photos. We like them a lot. You did a wonderful work. We had a great time with you while the shooting.

Best Regards

F & D, 8th November 2018 on Ærø

Dear Jens,

Thank you so much for the images. We both love the photos and glad they were quick so we can show to friends and family. We are mostly happy that you captured the natural unposed moments which makes the photos even more special us.

Thank you so much for these wonderful photos.

Best wishes and regards,

F & D

R & S, 2nd November 2018 on Ærø

Hi Jens,

We just wanted to thank you for the photos, they look great and we are very happy with them.

Thank you for capturing those beautiful moments of our special day.

Kind regards,

R & S

M & H, 2nd November 2018 on Ærø

Jens made our special day even more special than we could have imagined it to be.

He captured the essence of us as a couple perfectly by creating photos that are romantic but not dramatic or unnatural. Instead, we have beautifully vivid and colourful pictures that show all the love we feel for each other, and also the fun we have with one another.

The photo shoot itself was also a lot of fun and Jens is super nice and easy to get along with. We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer, most especially on a coldish autumn day when the light and weather may easily present a bit of a challenge when taking pictures.

We highly recommend Jens for your wedding pictures!

O & A 18th October 2018 on Ærø

Hi Jens, the pics are great!!! We love them! Thank you soooo much! You have done a great job. All the best to you and your family!

J & J, 5th October 2017

First of all, we highly recommend Jens and his service!

We are so glad that we got Jens as our photographer on our special day! It was the best decision! Jens has done a wonderful job on the day despite the pouring rain. He did his best to capture every moment for us in the rain and all the photos turned out amazing. It must have been hard but he made it not just possible but marvelous.

Jens is fun to work with too! We did the whole session with lots of jokes and laughter! What more can you ask for on your big day, right? (I- the Mrs, laughed so hard my cheeks hurt LOL) We thought the rain was a real bummer but Jens definitely helped make the day better for us. Everyone around us loves our photos! All of them! Friends and family told us that our photos are like scenes from movies. Our response is simply, "Jens is great!"

I can't express my gratitude enough for Jens, and his skills and service! If you plan on having your ceremony on this beautiful fairytale island- Aeroskobing, you should DEFINITELY get your fairytale photographs taken by Jens! Thank you very much, Jens.

S & J, 20th October 2017 on Ærø

Dear Jens,

Thank you so much!!! Wow!!

We really, really love the photos that you took for us. You have really captured our happiest of days so magnificently. I think because we felt so relaxed with you and your experience helped us so much.

Many thanks

O & C, 3rd October 2017 on Ærø

Dear Jens!

we want to thank you once again for your work and the great results, the photos. now we have our own postcards from Aero! we wish you continued success and fun in your job and pretty and crazy couples for your portfolio!!!

Best wishes

PS the Force is strong with you!

M & S, 22nd September 2017 on Ærø

Hi Jens,

Thank you so much for the photos- they are so pretty !

We're enjoying looking at them and remembering that nice weekend in Aero :)

S & M, 29th August on Ærø

Hallo Herr Christensen,

Thank you very much for the link to the pictures. Our wedding on Aeroe was wonderful and the session with you was great. We want to thank you again for being such a nice photographer.

We already took a quick look at the pictures and they are really nice. Right now we are still traveling Germany, so we will choose the pictures maybe next weekend. We wish you a nice weekend and you will hear from us soon.

Best Regards,

S & U, 23rd August 2017 on Ærø

Hello Jens!

We just wanted to send a big thank you for the amazing job you did on our photos! We had the best time with you and it was a difficult job to select only 25. We will hopefully see you next year with our twin boys for a new batch.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Warmest regards,

T & M, 27th July 2017 on Ærø

Hello Jens

Thanks a lot for the pictures, they are so good 👌Great Job

We really love them


R & N, 5th August 2017 on Ærø

Dear Jens,

The pictures look absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much!

We will contact you if we have any more orders.

Once again, thank you for giving us beautiful memories

Best Regards,

M & R, 3rd August 2017 on Ærø

Good morning.. got the photos..we love them.

Thank you.

R & A, 2nd August 2017 on Ærø

Hi Jens,

You captured so many happy moments! 

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed our photo session with you. Thank you so very much!!

Best regards,

I & J, 16th June 2017

Hello Jens,

Thank you very much for the photos, they are beautiful! Also thank you for the wishes!

It was a pleasure to meet you :)

Best Regards

J & S, 30th May 2017 on Ærø

Firstly of course you can use our photos, we would be very honoured if you use our photos in your portfolio :-) maybe we'll

see ourselves on your Instagram or Website one day ;-)

Secondly and most important, thank you. The pictures are wonderful and are looked at on a daily basis as screen savers, screen wallpapers and photo albums :-)

Thank you once again

L & C, 7th July 2017 on Ærø

Hello Jens,

We love the photos! Again, thank you very much for making the whole wonderful experience memorable.

We will cherish them always and we will definitely be coming back to the island.

Best regards,

R & U, 6th July on Ærø

Hallo Jens ,

Hopefully you are doing well ! I would like to thank you for all the amazing photos . All the photos were amazing! Wi'll let you know if we need more photos.

Thanks once again! Wish you a good day.


A & B, 13th July on Ærø

We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and professionalism yesterday.

The whole experience was fun and made the day even more special and you provided us with what we really wanted :D

P & B, 8th July on Ærø

Dear Jens

Thank you for sharing our day in memories through your lens, this is what will be the reminder of the joy and happyness that showered the day. The photos are great! excellent! we really love each one of them, Many many thanks!

God bless!

C & N, 17th May 2017 on Ærø

Hi Jens,

Thank you for the photos. They look great and we are really happy! :)

Keep in touch.


E & M, 6th July 2017 on Ærø

Hi Jens

Thank you very much for your time in Ærø, the photos look amazing and we had lots of fun with you!

M & S, 1st June 2017 on Ærø

Mr. Christensen,

Thank you very much!!! The photographs look great!!! We are very happy with the quality of the pictures.

We very much appreciate that you took us to different settings and locations for the photos. 

You have a high standard of excellence as a photographer. Thank you.

Best regards,

V & D, 8th June 2017 on Ærø

Hallo Jens,

DANKE für die tollen Bilder!!!!!!!!!WIR sind SEHR zufrieden!


Ich würde gerne ein Buch/ Kollage bei dir bestellen und später evtl. mehr Bilder.

Schicke mit bitte die Preise und Zahlungsbedinungen.

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

I & P, 23th May 2017 on Ærø

Hallo Jens,

vielen Dank für die schnelle Bearbeitung ...

Wir waren mit allem sehr zu frieden! Wenn wir noch Bilder haben möchten, dann schreiben wir dir.

Viele Grüße

E & D, 9th May 2017 on Ærø

Hi Jens,

Thank you for these lovely pictures! We had a great day and a wonderfully fun time with you!


"It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter."

—Alfred Eisenstaedt