I was booked for this couple's town hall wedding on the island Ærø when everything was still fairly normal in terms of viruses.

We were called into the hall and the registrar asked: do you have any wedding rings?

"For sure we do," replied the couple with a laugh, and the groom took these golden hose clamps from his pocket. It turned out that their real rings could not be finished on time and now they were in trouble.

The groom, who is a mechanic, coped with the situation by taking some hose clamps, buying some gold paint and getting them painted in a hurry and then the "rings" were ready.

The registrar put the rings in the bowl called the "hands" and arranged them nicely. I got to take a picture of them exactly as with all the other rings and the wedding started.

After the wedding we were at the beach and a nice picture was taken of the temporary rings in the sand. Why wouldn’t I ....

Wedding couple on the island Ærø fun wedding with hose clamps instead of rings

Hose clamps instead of rings ??