I met this couple, dressed in burgundy and reddish colors at their hotel Andelen Guesthouse on Ærø. The plan was to take some photos first at the hotel, and then walk to the place of wedding, which was only about 100 meters away.

He gallantly helps her down the cobbled courtyard and they head for the gate to the street. At the gate we get to take a few photos of the excited bridal couple before we move on.

Then the walk goes down the street across the square, up the stairs and then up one more stairs and then we are ready for the wedding. During the wedding ceremony, they stand and hold hands until it is time to exchange rings.

After the papers are signed, there is a bang as the champagne cork flies and the couple gets almost a complete shock which is replaced by laughter.

This wedding was on a nice sunny day on the island Ærø and afterwards we went for a walk on the beach where there were some boats at anchor in the bay.

Bridal couple in burgundy and reddish colors on the island Ærø.